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The class contains 33 clear and concise classes (over 3 hours of material) supplied from the charismatic iPhone application style pro, Jen Gordon, the founder of PLUS we’re including 40 MB of pixel- photoshop templates to kickstart your procedure. Through her teaching youll discover ways to: Employ metaphors that are visual to greatly help sell your application Pick room, size and a color-scheme your switches & styles centered on responsive finger movements Assist themes (why you should begin small and size-up) Preview your design on your gadget and why its crucial Make the graphics for your developer Your purchase includes: iPhone 1st Generation Design Template IPhone 4 Retina Template Monitor specs document (iPhone & Iphone-4) All templates contain a huge selection of iOS user-interface elements which can be quickly customized using Photoshop CS3 or maybe more (or Pixelmator). Game changer? I believe so Please remember one thing even if you dont get this course: You never get a second chance to make a superior first impression, so you may too hit the bulls-eye the very first time;). Would like to get warned of our potential deals? Sign up here: